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Easter Tips

-Don't forget to carry out your oral hygiene routine from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Easter weekend is full of delicious treats which can wreak havoc with your teeth. Brush your teeth morning and night....even if its late!

-Fluoride is your mate! Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride in it and that you don't rinse out your moth after brushing. Fluoride offers greater protection against the sugar in your yummy Easter eggs!

-Cleaning in between your teeth is just as important as brushing. There are lots of options to choose from (floss, tape, interdental brushes). Brushing teeth will only remove 60% of need to clean between teeth to get the extra 40%!

-Try 'Treat O'Clock'. Try and limit your chocolate intake to after meals as your desert. Limiting your intake to specific times instead of grazing all day will reduce your teeth exposure to sugary treats.

-Don't keep your chocolate treats in the fridge...we see lots of broken teeth from doing this!

-Drink up! Having a glass of water after eating your Easter egg will help was away some of the sugar.

After Easter why not treat your teeth to a visit to our dental hygienist? They will deserve a little TLC after the chocolate overload of the season!

On behalf of the Rothwell Dental team we wish all our patients a very happy Easter!

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