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Dental Care for Mum & Bub

Dental care during pregnancy is extreamly important due to hormonal changes during this time. Gums may appear to bleed more easily for example or be swollen and sore. A thourough cleaning with the dental hygienist and advice for caring for your teeth at home will help.

Routine dental care is safe during pregnancy. As a general rule dentists prefer to avoid dental x-rays during pregnancy if possible. However, if you need a root canal treatment you may need an x-ray.

Your baby's first tooth (lower front) will start to erupt at approximately 6 months old. Your baby's teeth will continue to erupt until he/she has all 20 baby teeth. As soon as the first tooth makes an appearance its important to use a soft baby toothbrush with water. When your baby turns two and is able to spit out then an adult strength fluoride toothpaste. An adult should help with brushing until a child reaches 7/8 years old as they do not have the manual dexterity to do it themselves until this age.

If you would like more information please make an appointment to see us where we will happily examine your teeth and your baby's teeth and give you all the necessary information to help make the best choices dentally for you both.

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